"If you decide you want to be a champion, then the work is no problem." -Winston Churchill

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“Passion is the genesis of genius.” -Tony Robbins

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AliBoo Farm Inc. is a family owned and operated equine facility specializing in the breeding, raising and training of young horses. Beginning as a backyard operation in the early 1990's, we have evolved over the years to become a well‐respected leader in the equine breeding community…

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The education AliBoo Farm offers young horses is superior to that of any other training facility I have experienced. I recommend AliBoo Farm to anyone who has a young horse they would like to see excel in the show ring and reach his or her horses fullest potential. Thank you AliBoo Farm for all you did for Roxy and me.

Lori Sawyer-Lyons & Roxy
(Training with Jimmy Torano in Fort Lauderdale, FL)


Looking for a young horse for my client, I had an opportunity to meet Taylor Flury of AliBoo Farm. I was very impressed with the horses they had to offer and how well they were started with a solid foundation behind them. Whether you are in need of a professional to start your horse or looking for a green prospect I would highly recommend Taylor and AliBoo Farm.

Shari Brickman of Long Grove Farm


Our horses Houston and Honor traveled like pros after consulting with AliBoo Farm! They were first and second to get on the semi and they walked right in like they've done it before. They were then last to get off and had to walk from the road down a 200' driveway. I think they were easier than the older horses to handle. Since we have been here we have bathed them and I have started clipping Houston. They have been unbelievably great. They get turned out next to a pond with a fountain and they never even bother to look at it. Wouldn't be here today without your help and advice!

Thank you, Anita Mont, Dare to Dream Farm