It all began with one fabulous mare, Viva La Rose. Encouraged and supported by friends and family, Taylor Flury decided to breed rather then sell her beloved horse upon show ring retirement. From the birth of her first foal, Circus Circus, Taylor found her passion; that of breeding quality warmbloods. Seeking out advice from others, Taylor has endeavored to introduce stellar European bloodlines to North America. She works hard to find select quality matches to benefit her mares and others who come to her for advice. Presently working with our resident reproductive veterinarian, Dr. Justin Hayna, AliBoo Farm has the ability to handle, store and inseminate mares with fresh or equine cryopreserved/frozen semen. The storage of frozen semen involves the use of specialized equipment which our farm has recently purchased enabling us to store semen for future use. Below is a list of our current services as well as available stock.

§ LFG Fresh or Frozen Semen with optional storage

§ Breeding Mares – Fresh Semen, Frozen Semen, Embryo Flushes

§ Consulting on breeding choices

§ Quality Embryos


Carrasca Z (Asca Z x Calato) LFG Fresh* $1,500 / $400 per frozen dose

Diamant d’Heure ABF Z (Diamant De Semilly x Rio Grande) $400 per frozen dose

Hero (Brainpower x Lord Z) $400 per frozen dose

Levistoff Z (Levisto x Indoctro) LFG Fresh* $500 + collection fee ($300) / $300 per frozen dose

Mandus van het Kunselhof (Coupe De Coeur x Darco)  $400 per frozen dose

Sovereign (Mezcalero x Galoubet) $400 per frozen dose

Vuvuzela Z (Vagabond De La Pomme x Casantos) $400 per frozen dose

*Includes first collection


**Available for custom foals or embryos

Cosmea Z – (Calvados Z x Lupicor)

Role Model – (Roc USA x Flying Pidgeon)

Catania Saflo Z – (Chippendale Z x Landor S)  


** No frozen embryos for sale at this time. Please check back! **