Patient Munny

Show Name: Patient Munny   

Barn Name: Roger

Breed: BWP

Gender: Colt  

Height: 16.3 (1.70m+)

Date of Birth: 04/28/2015

Breeder: Muny Sunk Stables (USA)

Lineage for Patient Munny

Patient Munny was bred by Muny Sunk Stables here in the U.S. He is a testament to the quality that is being bred here, as he is a rival for any young horse bred in Europe. With a pedigree of Canturo x Clinton x Darco, this young colt should jump the moon and is just as beautiful and sweet to match. With only a few rides under his belt, he has shown us his uphill, balanced gaits, with a beautifully soft mouth. We are very excited to watch this one grow up!



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