Our range of services includes advising on breeding matches, providing our professional opinion in regards to young horses, evaluating a horse’s skill in the ring, expert witness testimony, and assisting with the development and implementation of barn management and safety programs. Our passion for the development of champions sets us apart.

Young Horse Development

Our training techniques have been refined to include specialized and unique programs through research, knowledge and experience. We recognize that each horse has their own attributes warranting individualized care with respect to nutrition, turnout, grooming, leading and handling. We are confident your horse will be given the best opportunity for success given the opportunity you with your young horse development.

Ground Training

Knowing that it begins with a solid foundation, AliBoo Farm Inc.’s team is committed to working with young horses in a patient and consistent manner, building trust and respect between horse and human. Starting young horses is a lot like raising young children- special care is taken to instill respect, trust, support and patience. Our ground staff are well versed in safe work practices for both horse and handler.