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The Future

I have always been told that I cannot do everything; I cannot ride, breed, train, and compete both young jumpers and horses at the top level. On that note though, I will say that I have never fit into the box people want to put me in. I have always been one to branch out and do things my own unique way. You could say I am unconventional, but I am also driven, and determined to reach my goals and go after what I want. I do not mind hard work or making sacrifices. Most people also would have said I could never graduate college Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor Degree in Business Management while also riding, competing, and managing 20+ horses successfully. It was not without sacrifices of course and it was a bit crazy at times, but I do not mind those parts of it, I love to work and I like to stay busy.

If you had asked me anytime in the past where I see myself in the future, I would have quickly replied that I want to start and develop young jumpers. I want to breed and develop high quality horses for the top of the sport and then I would have followed that up with, well I don’t think I want to be a top international rider. However, as I have grown up and matured, and been able to take advantage of different opportunities; my thoughts have started to veer off and realize that maybe I do want something different.

Growing up we all say we want to be on a team and compete for our country, but that was never my goal. I never thought that was attainable financially to afford the horses needed, or to be on the road every week making that happen; nor did I just want to show and compete at the top level. I wanted and still want to make a difference in our sport someway, and I am hoping I found my way to make that possible through developing quality young horses into top level jumpers. I want to take horses from the youngest ages and sit on them for the first time, and teach them what it means to engage behind and come into the bridle. I want to teach them what it means to jump around the course and then how to become rideable and adjustable to then become winners. I love the process of young horses and the satisfaction when the horse understands what you are asking and I never want to give that up.

However, the horses that I am lucky enough to ride now are making me dream, and think anything is possible. I have never before had, or ridden horses of this quality, and they are making me wonder what the future holds. People may laugh at me and say they are just young horses that you never know where they will end up, but I think you can have a very good idea. I also realize it is not enough to have a high quality young horse, there is a long road from there to the top and one of the biggest factors is developing the horse properly. Every year I learn more and more about how I can develop my horses better and they are one of my biggest teachers; teaching me where I need to improve in developing them. They show me where my mistakes are, and what areas I need to pay stronger attention towards, in an effort to develop them into reaching their full potential both mentally and physically. I am so grateful for all of the different people that have given me opportunities to work with such high quality and diverse young horses as it has only broadened my horizons as a rider and made me better equipped to work with all types of horses.

Several years ago I realized that we would never be able to afford top Grand Prix Horses or even horses without “holes” and this is when I became very involved with young horses and the breeding. These horses are now growing up, and they have me wondering if maybe I do want to keep developing them through the ranks to the Grand Prixs and maybe dream again of one day being on a team. I truly believe that we are lucky enough to have 2-3, if not more, horses in our barn that could do the top level of the sport in a few years. I am going to do everything possible to be able to hold onto at least one of them to do it with them, because I at least want the opportunity to try.

My goals and dreams are changing. I am hoping that along the way I will be able to find a balance in order to do all of these different areas of breeding, developing, and competing successfully. You never know what the future holds, but we will figure it out as we go and see where the path leads us, which is hopefully to the top!


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