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AliBoo Farm MT


From consulting on breeding, to helping you find the right partner for the future, AliBoo Farm has the knowledge and connections to help you choose the right match. We have the tools and experience to put the right foundation on your special youngster to prepare them for their future profession. 


We believe in choosing breeding stock with good minds, correct conformation, strong damlines, and top athletic ability. We are proud to stand quality stallions approved with a range of reputable studbooks that suit a variety of mares and breeding goals. As most old horsemen and women will tell you though, it is the mare that is most important in breeding. We fully agree with this and have used discerning taste in choosing our mares as well as fresh and frozen semen from the stallions we stand.


AliBoo Farm, Inc. is proud to have talented and knowledgeable individuals who excel in the handling and training of competition and young horses alike.  Our team members are available to hold clinics to help you learn how to better ride, train, and understand your horses no matter your path.


Our range of services includes advising on breeding, providing our professional opinion in young horse development, expert witness testimonies, as well as assisting with the development and implementation of stable management and thorough safety programs. Accredited and competent, our team can assess and meet the needs of any size and operation.


Knowing that it begins with a solid foundation, AliBoo Farm, Inc.'s team is committed to working with young horses in a patient and consistent manner; building trust and respect between horse and human.


AliBoo Farm is happy to help you start your young stock out on the right hoof.


AliBoo Farm provides general training for all things hunter/jumper.

AliBoo Farm MT
Testimonial Profile - Karyn Holstead

Karyn Holstead, IL

"When my daughter wanted to take horseback riding lessons, I was excited she was getting into an interest I used to have when I was younger.  What I didn’t expect was the level of involvement she would take.  If I had to do anything over, I wouldn’t do it any different.  We were lucky to find a wonderful place for her to learn not only how to ride but how to take care of the horses as well.  It really is difficult to put into words what AliBoo Farm has done for my daughter as well as our whole family. Taylor has taught my daughter great riding skills as well as responsibility and respect for the horse she rides.  She has learned “how” to ride, not to just get on a horse that will take care of things. 

Taylor Flury is like a horse whisperer and does a great job with the horses she trains and rides which made it an easy decision to buy a young horse from them. I had complete trust in the fact that Taylor had done the training of Mary Helen and will continue to help train her in the future.  They have high quality horses in their barn because of the dedication and time Taylor puts into each horse. When our family was ready to buy a horse, the decision to buy from Aliboo was easy because we knew it would be a quality, well-trained horse. The honesty and openness from everyone involved made it an great transaction." 


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